Highlighted Portfolio Companies

Camino Real Capital Partners is proud to have invested in these game-changing companies:

Autonomic Materials, Inc. (“AMI”) offers innovative self-healing technologies that extend coating lifetimes, minimizing upkeep and repair. Advancements in self-healing technologies are charting new territory for the coatings industry. AMI’s technology will afford better protection to high-value installations/products, which are exposed to challenging environmental conditions. AMI systems are engineered to lengthen coating lifetimes, thereby reducing the costs (principally labor) and disruption associated with the recoating of surfaces. AMI’s technology is a platform technology that can and will be extended beyond the current coatings market focus. Over time, AMI will expand marketing activities to other significant markets where the self-healing concept offers value. These include adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and structural composites. AMI’s vision is to become “The Self-Healing Company” by marketing current and future technologies to a broad range of markets on a global scale.

As the market leader in the micro-encapsulated, self-healing coatings and adhesives market, AMI has significant patent protection, a strong leadership team, and current revenues based on robust and active strategic relationships, thus positioning the comapny for significant growth and possible acquisition, and presenting CRCP and partners significant, near to medium term upside potential on the investment.

CRCP Funding: Series C, December 2016

Founded: 2005, University of Illinois

Founder: Dr. Scott White

Co-investors: Phoenix Venture Partners and Burwell Management


NTxBio, LLC (“NTx”) discovers, characterizes and manufactures biologically critical proteins using revolutionary platform technologies founded on research performed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. At its laboratory headquarters in the Advanced Technology Building of the Santa Fe Community College, the NTxBio Founders are currently tuning and scaling their technology to discover and bio-manufacture new drug leads that will go on to fight infections diseases around the globe as well as advanced materials that have never been successfully produced at scale outside of nature. Rapid and reproducible identification, characterization and production of bioactive compounds has diverse applications across a vast universe of industries in markets that span across commercial, military and government applications. As such, the Team is currently exploring an array of commercialization paths that will evolve throughout its first year. CRCP Managing Principal, Tom Nickoloff, serves on the Advisory Board and is currently working with the Founders to prepare a Strategic Operational Plan that will serve to guide the nascent company’s growth. NTxBio is a graduate of the High Desert Discover District (HD3) accelerator program, a New Mexico network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors that nurtures new technologies through business formation and commercialization.

With a one-of-a-kind, patent protected in vitro drug discovery and biomanufacturing technology, NTX has potential for exponential growth across multiple business pathways. The founders, both experts in their respective fields, are dedicated and incentivized to grow the company. NTxBio exemplifies a CRCP investment in “early days” technology where we can help shape the company by providing market insights, strategic planning assistance and management guidance, presenting CRCP and partners with significant mid to long term investment rewards.

CRCP Funding: Seed Round, December 2015

Founded: 2015, Santa Fe, NM


Dr. Alexander Koglin: most recently J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Michael Humbert: former faculty at Harvard Medical School and most recently a Senior Scientist at a private Bay Area biotech start-up before moving to New Mexico to help launch NTxBio.



Ortho Kinematics, Inc. (“OKI”)‚ a privately held spine diagnostics company, is commercializing the VMA™ (Vertebral Motion Analyzer), a technology that measures both the quantity and quality of inter-vertebral motion, providing spine surgeons a painless, non-invasive way to assess spine function. In 2016 Ortho Kinematics launched VMA-Align, a new diagnostic module and service offering within OKI’s core product that gives spine surgeons an unprecedented level of data to assist in patient selection and planning for lumbar fusion surgery. Ortho Kinematics technology provides a simple and inexpensive hardware add-on to standard fluoroscopy imaging that works in conjunction with proprietary image recognition software and the patented Motion Normalizer™ to provide surgeons with a wealth of information to assist them in diagnosing and treating back and neck pain.

With a strong and branded intellectual property portfolio and disruptive, best-in-class technology, OKI is poised to dominate the global spine surgery market. The company, already in revenues, has an impressive pipeline of strategic partnerships and distribution channels for its products, positioning OKI for a near term exit and robust ROI. CRCP’s investment in OKI was made in conjunction with other investment firms with notable expertise in the healthcare sector, opening the door to CRCP and partners for future quality investment opportunities.

CRCP Funding: Bridge, November 2016

Founded: 2006, Austin, TX

Founder: Adam Deitz

Co-investors: TEXO Ventures, PTV Sciences, Gatebridge Investments, MB Venture Partners and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund

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